Plant Performance Investigations

    • Governor tuning, trouble-shooting and performance testing
    • Turbine efficiency, hydraulic stability and general unit performance testing
    • Unit and station dispatch optimisation
    • Unit overloading capability assessment


    Technical Specifications and Contracts

    • Repair, replacement, upgrade of unit components
    • Generating unit upgrade and/or refurbishment
    • Generating units and/or equipment for new hydro developments
    • Turbine hydraulic model testing
    • Assistance with tendering process and contract negotiations


    Hydro Development Studies

    • New hydro development
    • Upgrading of existing units and stations
    • Performance enhancement studies
    • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies


    Site Supervision

    • Installation works
    • Plant repair and/or refurbishment
    • Planning and supervision of performance tests
    • Commissioning


    Concept and Detailed Engineering Design and Design Reviews


    Comprehensive Dam Safety Reviews


    Technical Specialist Advice

    • Speed governors
    • Hydraulic turbines
    • Reliability of hydraulic gates
    • Dam safety critical plant
    • Operation and maintenance


    General Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Project Support

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  • Hydropower Engineering have brought "world-class" expertise in mechanical and electrical aspects of dam safety to partner Damwatch in more than ten comprehensive dam safety reviews of major hydro assets in several countries.
    At Damwatch we have a huge respect for Hydropower Engineering's expertise in power station equipment, working closely with them on new hydro opportunities.

    Peter Amos
    Managing Director
    Damwatch Services Ltd