Hydro Development Studies

    • Chairing of the Review Board for the Karebbe dam development (Client: PT Inco)
    • Assistance with mechanical and electrical aspects for pre-feasibility assessment of new hydro development (Client: Damwatch Services)
    • Assistance with preparation of development strategy for Tekapo Chain hydro assets
      (Client: Meridian Energy)
    • Performance enhancement study for Waikato Power Stations (Client: Mighty River Power)
    • Pine Gully micro-hydro development (Client: Gippsland Water Factory / Victoria)
    • Governor upgrading development review: Poatina Power Station (Client: Hydro Tasmania)
    • Generator upgrading study: Tekapo A Power Station (Client: Meridian Energy)

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    Hydropower Engineering has had a long association with Mighty River Power through providing technical services in a highly competent and professional manner. Of particular note is a detailed engineering study, with valuable engineering analysis and recommendations, completed by Hydropower Engineering for the power station enhancement opportunities on the Waikato hydro scheme.

    Graeme Hill
    Engineering Manager
    Mighty River Power Ltd